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8th Grade Band

Required Supplies for All Band Members

-3-ring binder with page protectors for holding our music.

-Sharpened Pencils (Please do not use pens in band music.)

-"Technique and Musicianship" Method Book  (Used in both 7th and 8th Grade. Not needed for percussionists)

-Nametag on your instrument case

Brass Players

-"Student Instrumental Course" Book 2 (Intermediate)  (This is the same book you used last year!)

-Valve or Slide Oil

-Tuning Slide Grease

Woodwind Players

-"Rubank Intermediate Method" (Volume 1)

Note: Your young musician may have completed this book. In this case they will need the "Rubank Advanced Method" (Volume 1). Please email Mr. Lipetzky if you have any questions on what your 8th grader needs.

-Minimum of 3 Vandoren Reeds (2 1/2 strength)


​-Two pairs of medium yarn marimba mallets (students begin to learn 4 mallet playing as part of their 8th grade curriculum), a pair of concert snare sticks, and a stick bag to ensure they have everything together. 

A mallet/stick bundle is an option. Students are also recommended to speak with representatives at local music businesses to ensure they have proper equipment.

Liberty I Univ Of Tenn State (2 pairs of marimba mallets, 1 pair of sticks, and timpani mallets) 

-The Rudimental Cookbook

-Sequential Studies for Four Mallet Marimba


As your young percussionist continues in their journey, a xylophone becomes a worthwhile investment. While the bell sets are great at first, students tend to outgrow them as the advance into more difficult literature. There are reasonable pricing options that are the same, if not cheaper than some of our wind instruments!

Here is one example:

Please let Mr. Lipetzky know if you have questions!

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